A Storm is Coming

The shadow of yourself is busiest on rainy days.
Footsteps silenced behind the cry of the falling sky,
Seeping into the cracks and crevices of the street,

But you jump into puddles with both feet,
Catching raindrops on pink tongues,
Singing songs under a clouded sun. 

With arms stretched open to receive the gift of water,
You whisper
Let it rain.
The drizzle is no match for me.
So let it rain,
Let it pour even. 
It’s almost soothing after
The scorching sun of summer.
Endless days of heat,
Make you wish for endless days of rain.
So let it.

Rain gathers in your cupped hands,
Daring you to become Atlas in your own right.
Clear and light,
Clean and right;
This is the water I am made of.
Carrier of the memories of the world,
And bringer of life to it.
A mirror, a reflection,

But a storm is coming.
Relentless, fearless, and strong.
And we are in the eye of it.
Say goodbye to it.
To life as we know it,
We don’t know it,
But we welcome her with smiles through tears,
Smiling through our fears
Of death and other endings,
Of worlds we do not know,
Of futures untold.

We write this story
To tell our story of how
We overcame the beast
Of hurricanes.
Water pooling around our feet,
Running towards clear skies,
Only to sink in further and deep.

Clouds grow dark and thick,
Like smoke and muck,
Something worthy of disgust.
But stand, we must.

In the face of fear,
We laugh. 
In the face of challenge,
We bloom
Like a flower at the end of spring. 
Let water be our strength,
Not our enemy.
Let others be our allies,
Not our enemies. 
Let the air we breathe
Be promise
Of peace. 

The wind, a word
In the message I heard
From her:

Disaster wasn’t on the forecast today,
But it doesn’t knock like mailmen,
It bursts in like wildfires and thieves.

So to wish and wait is not enough,
For we are not Noah
Who knows of another way out
Of the storm
You can see the rainbow at the end of.

Because clouds aren’t scary when you can see light from behind them.

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