something about black boys

Blackness is sunshine.
Sun shining,
Making skin glow.
The sun is melanin.
Melanin is gold,
Glimmering gold,
Black boy is golden.
His hair is curled with care
By angels.
His hair is curled with care,
By angels,
And his heart.
His heart
Is made of flowers,
And it blooms
Every time he breathes.
He breathes
Fairy dust,
And magic,
And dreams.
He dreams
Of shooting stars,
And wishing wells,
And flipping a penny into one—
He wonders,
If you flip a shooting star
Into a wishing well,
Does your wish come true?
Black boy wishes for
Because all he can feel
Is hate,
And hate,
And hate,
And hate.
Black boy wishes for
Not for the world
But of his mind.
Do not mind his existence.
It is only his to keep,
His to own.
Existing in this space,
His space,
Takes courage,
Takes care,
Takes the strength of his father,
And the patience of his mother.
Black boy is his mother’s soul,
His father’s hands.
Black boy is
Black prince,
Bound for royalty,
His destiny lies on the surface of the sun,
And his fate sleeps with the stars.

written on May 18, 2019.

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