America — where the streets are literally paved
with golden mac and cheese from my Grandma’s kitchen.
where opportunities grow like apples on trees,
just waiting for you to reach up and pick them off,
and when you finally do, you take a bite and plant your own.
where the songs of each country come together
to form a new melody — a single identity that is felt all around;
from the white picket-fenced home,
to the garden of hope in the center of the projects.
we are in this together.
our home extends from sea to sea;
the bounds of this great land feel nonexistent.
each of the millions of hearts have dreams here.
we hold a torch whose everlasting flame stands for liberty.

written in April 2018.

performed in Girl Be Heard‘s Indivisible: Liberty and Justice for Whom? in May 2019.

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