I’ve spent my entire life trying to make time stop. I’ve got a terrible memory, and to cope I try to record every detail of my life. This was how I got into writing. In elementary school, I attempted to keep diaries so I wouldn’t forget what happened each day, no matter how mundane the… Continue reading Time


i watched you walk home that day.through the window,i saw the clouds openand the sun turned your skin to gold,as if an angel in the sky wantedto watch you with me.because you’re the only one that’s there,you’re the only one that matters.at least that’s how i always saw it—saw you—me—alone,but you had to go home…… Continue reading love-like


America — where the streets are literally pavedwith golden mac and cheese from my Grandma’s kitchen.where opportunities grow like apples on trees,just waiting for you to reach up and pick them off,and when you finally do, you take a bite and plant your own.where the songs of each country come togetherto form a new melody…… Continue reading rose


the sunrise. or maybe just a little before it. the sky, flaunting a pale blue to signify the near presence of the sun, has finally awakened. clouds — not invasive, nor intrusive, nor shielders of heat, but created as a model for renaissance paintings — litter the blue as they settle into position for the…… Continue reading bliss